From the recording Long Haul

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If I know my woman
She's already home
letting her hair down
while kicking those heals off
She's wore all day long
If I know my baby
She's tossing her cloths
Trading that pinstripe in
Throwing my favorite denim shirt on
She'll pour cabernet
and greet me with glasses in hand in the hall
She'll have her way

Showing that nothing else matters at all
Now if I know my woman
She'll keep the lights low
Placing her spell on me
Softly caressing me out of control

She'll take it real slow
Treat every moment like it was our last
God only knows
Now she can give everything all that she has
Now if I know my woman
Like she knows her man
I'm gonna love her then love her
Then love her all over again
Yes I'm gonna love her then love
Then love her
All over again