1. Train Ride
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Track 10


On a train headed North two kids fall asleep
They dream a dream they longed for
A dream they want to keep
They headed off to New York in search for things to find
In search for a better world in search for a better life
I’m on a train ride well I’m on where I wanna’ be
I’m on a train ride won’t you come along come along with me

The boy was a stranger who lived under the gun
The girl was just a child a child on the run
They did the best they knew how as they lived by the lord above
As they sacrificed everything accept their human love
The day seamed to grow short the night seemed to get cold
So the boy took the girl back he said he must move on
2 weeks down the road the boy met a tragic end
As he mumbled out his last words he said
I missed my train again